Yellow Rose

A feature film by Diane Paragas

A feature film by Diane Paragas 





Rosario Garcia "Rose"

Rose is a 16 -year old spitfire, but highly insecure. Her ambition sometimes gets the better part of her. Even as people taunt her and call her “Yellow Rose,” she becomes more defiant. She loves her mother, but also feels alienated from her and the entire Filipino culture she has no connection to. She’s a Texan through and through and her worst nightmare is to be shipped back to the Philippines. When she was a little girl her father gave her a guitar and ever since then she has dreamed of being the new Loretta Lynn. While she loves Texas and everything about it, the problem is that it doesn’t seem to really love her back - the people the, the culture.

We are excited to announce that Tony Award Nominee, Eva Noblezada (MISS SAIGON) is attached to play the lead which will be her cinematic debut. (pictured here)

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Jimmy Redburn

Charming but broken, Jimmy, 50, is as brash and bold as Texas itself.  He was a one hit wonder back in the day, but disappeared from the music scene for almost a decade. He has recently returned to playing small honky tonks in order to try and pay his substantial debts.

Pictured: DALE WATSON Lead in the short. 

Considerations: Dennis Quaid, Kevin Bacon



Elliot, 18, Rose's only friend works in the local record store and is counting the days until he goes to UT.  He spent his junior year abroad in England and now obsesses about New Wave music.  He wears black eye make up and questions his sexuality but absolutely adores Rose and wants her to see her own potential. 

Considerations:  Timothee Chalamet, Tye Sheridan, Freddy Highmore (Pictured here)


Jolene - Honky Tonk Owner

Jolene runs the Honky Tonk where Rose finds refuge and work. 

CONSIDERATIONS:  Frances McDormand, Patricia Clarkson


Priscilla Garcia - Rose's Mom


Hardworking and intelligent, Priscilla, 39, is a total survivor.  She loves and misses her home country of the Philippines but takes on any job to stay in America because she knows her daughter loves Texas. She may look fragile but she is the strongest when put in front of adversity.  

Played by Bernadette "Princess" Punzulan